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What is this?

netpositive.money is an initiative by bitcoiners who want to contribute to climate change solutions. Our goal is to make Bitcoin a net positive money. If you want to read more about our approach, please visit our about page.

Is this still relevant?

That's a very good question. The state of the discussion on Bitcoin's climate impact is rapidly evolving. When we started this initiative, there were few people discussing this and no solutions beyond offsetting/donating to climate organisations. Now people like Troy Cross, Margot Paez and Daniel Batten are rapidly changing the narrative and pointing out real solutions.

See this short video for a mind-blowing account of how Bitcoin mining could become a net positive for the climate in less time than this initiative has existed for. And check out greenbitcoin.money for an introduction to an idea by Troy and Andrew Bailey how we can green Bitcoin mining much more directly than through offsetting: mine your values!

What does that mean for netpositive.money?

The FAQ is still mostly relevant and correct, it's just that there are now people like the ones mentioned above that have explained these topics even better. We are now also more confident that Bitcoin will be a net positive money eventually and might even be already, if you compare it to standard alternative ways of investing or spending the value it is storing.

The sources are mostly outdated now, but the issue has been politicized to such an extent that it is nearly impossible to find unbiased scholarship about this topic. We recommend following the above mentioned people and our own twitter account where we will continue to point out interesting research and discussion.

The calculator has probably been our most popular feature (we don't actually know because we don't track visitors) and we leave it as is for now, while cautioning that we believe it's severely overestimating the real climate impact. For one reason, we now know there is a substantial percentage of Bitcoin mining that is carbon negative (See Daniel's video linked above for details), and that is not in any way represented here.

So what about the organizations we have recommended donating to? They are still doing great work, and we still highly recommend giving to them.

However, there are now probably more direct methods of making Bitcoin net positive. They all can be summed up by mining your values, that is, investing in low carbon or even carbon negative mining that takes away some of Bitcoin's mining revenue from fossil-based miners. It's not yet obvious how to best go about this for everybody, but a market for these solutions seems to be emerging and we will concentrate on tracking these developments in the future.