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We're happy that you have found your way to us.

What is this?

netpositive.money is an initiative by bitcoiners who want to contribute to climate change solutions. Our goal is to make Bitcoin a net positive money. If you want to read more about our approach, please visit our about page.

What can you do for me?

That depends on who you are. We have assumed you care about global warming (everybody should), but beyond that:

  • If you are a member of the press or just an interested world citizen, we commend you for being interested in a more nuanced discussion of Bitcoin mining's impact on the climate. We hope you have questions. In that case, why not have a look at the most frequently asked ones? You can always ask more! Or maybe you're just looking for some sources beyond FUD and denial.
  • If you self-describe as a bitcoiner, we commend you for not taking a see-no-evil position. Maybe you have questions, too. Maybe you already know that you'd like to contribute. Then why not go straight to our recommendations? Or maybe you just want an estimate of the personal carbon footprint of your hodlings? We've made a calculcator tool for that!

If you need to reach us for anything else, our contact data can be found on the about page.

Thank you again for giving us some of your precious attention, and let's become a net positive money!