About Netpositive.Money

Mission Statement


  • We believe that Bitcoin can help fight climate change.
  • We are not satisfied with just belief and hope. We care.
  • We want to make sure that we as Bitcoiners are making a net positive contribution.
  • We are fed up with sensationalist FUD on one side and denial on the other.


  • A meeting point for Bitcoiners who care about climate change.
  • An honest presentation of the current state of knowledge about Bitcoin's climate impact, free from FUD on one side and blind market belief on the other.
  • A motivation for actors in the Bitcoin ecosystem to give back and contribute.
  • A measure of the success of such contributions.
  • A source for well-researched reporting by the media.


  1. We are designing a website and social media channels in order to disseminate information about the problem, the current state of research and discussion about it, as well as our approach:
  2. We are developing an opinion on what measures (such as offsetting, certificates, ...) seem appropriate. Then we motivate Bitcoin stakeholders (hodlers, miners, exchanges, businesses, etc.) to donate to providers of such measures.
  3. We publicly account for how much was donated, how much CO2 is offset by that, and what fraction that is of Bitcoin's estimated CO2 output — measured in time from the genesis block on. We do this while protecting the privacy of anonymous donors on one hand, as well as helping public donors use their contribution for PR on the other.

If you want to help

Please start by donating to one of our recommended organisations and spreading the word about us! If you want to go further, we can always use pointers to new research and ideas for improving this website and refining our approach.

How to reach us

Thank you

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The data on our calculator page has been pulled from the APIs by the Cambridge Centre for Alternative Finance (power usage) and blockchain.info (number of bitcoins mined).

We are grateful to everybody who contributed to these projects.