a beautiful forest

This is where we track our impact. Since we're only just starting out, for now we are lucky to stand on the shoulders of giants:

Leaderboard is an earlier initiative similar to Today, the website only forwards to a donation page for Cool Earth where you can donate in bitcoin.

They started back in 2018, however we only found out about them a few months ago. Unfortunately, we haven't been able to contact them and they don't appear very active today. We're happy to pick up the mantle, although of course we'd be even happier about more active similar initiatives. Because this is not about us, but about Bitcoin's carbon footprint.

So it is with great pleasure that we report that Offsetbitcoin has collected at least 1.82015599 BTC and offset at least 49 kt of CO2 so far. As you can see on the calculator page, this might be a small first step in a giant endeavour. Still, we celebrate this wonderful start and we hope we can build on their success.

Please inform us (on twitter @netposmon or via email if you learn about or are building other ways of making Bitcoin a net positive money, so we can celebrate them here!