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Our impact

As of December 16th 2021, in our first year, we have donated at total of $26,249 (or about 0.5 BTC) for an estimated positive impact of 19,379t CO2 emissions reduced. Taken together with efforts by Gemini, FTX, BitMEX and others, Bitcoiners have given more than $5,174,016 or 147 BTC for about 468,454t CO2 equivalent emissions averted or reduced.

In the second half of the year 2021, donations to have again been the strongest with a total of 12593€, for about the same amount of tons CO2 equivalent reduced.

There have been $1332 of extra donations to the Climate Change Fund for an estimated impact of 1883t.

On the classical offsetting side, myclimate has received 436 CHF and 609€ for a total of 42.5t CO2 offset.

This comes down to a total of $16666 (I kid you not!) for an estimated savings of 14179t CO2 equivalent between May and December via

While we like to think this has been an impressive year for us, somebody else took the crown this year:

Gemini Green

The Winklevoss twins have really taken the lead in Bitcoin mining offsets by buying and retiring 4 million dollars worth of carbon credits representing 341,965t of CO2 in order to offset the Gemini exchange impact. While one can be critical both of their calculations and carbon credits, the sheer magnitude of this effort is to be applauded, and we really hope that others will follow suit.


Not to be outdone, derivatives exchange FTX launched a climate website, pledged ongoing carbon neutrality and offset their current estimated impact to the Bitcoin mining ecosystem of 100,000t CO2 to the tune of $1,016,000. And with a good-looking choice of offset providers as well. Bravo!


On a slightly smaller scale, but also with a well-researched choice of offset provider, BitMEX has spent $100,000 so far on offsetting 7,110t of CO2 as a part of their ongoing effort to become carbon neutral.

Thank you all for your efforts to make Bitcoin a net positive money! Please continue to donate, spread the word, and inform us (on twitter @netposmon or via email if you learn about or are building other ways of making Bitcoin a net positive money, so we can celebrate them here!

Earlier results

As of April 30th 2021, in just about 70 days, we have donated at total of €7980 or $9663 (or about 0.183 BTC) for an estimated positive impact of 5200t CO2 emissions reduced. Taken together with earlier efforts by Offsetbitcoin, Bitcoiners have given about 2 BTC for about 54 kt CO2 equivalent emissions averted or reduced.

Until now, by far the greatest impact has been driven by donations to (€4587,88 for about the same amount of tons CO2). The German community has really taken the lead here!

Donations to MyClimate have also been strong, with 2507 CHF and €542 for at total of 111t CO2 offset! Actually, relative to their number, the Swiss have outdonated even the Germans!

Since we're only just starting out, for now we are lucky to stand on the shoulders of giants: is an earlier initiative similar to Today, the website only forwards to a donation page for Cool Earth where you can donate in bitcoin.

They started back in 2018, however we only found out about them a few months ago. Unfortunately, we haven't been able to contact them and they don't appear very active today. We're happy to pick up the mantle, although of course we'd be even happier about more active similar initiatives. Because this is not about us, but about Bitcoin's carbon footprint.

So it is with great pleasure that we report that Offsetbitcoin has collected at least 1.82015599 BTC and offset at least 49 kt of CO2 so far (their numbers). As you can see on the calculator page, this might be a small first step in a giant endeavour. Still, we celebrate this wonderful start and we hope we can build on their success.

Note that so far, we've had almost exactly a tenth of the total collection sum of in BTC, but probably a similar amount in USD, since Bitcoin has appreciated a lot since 2018. We are also more skeptical in our carbon impact estimation (for classical offsetting, we get the numbers from the organisations, for the effective solutions we assume 1€/t), so that also turns out to be about one tenth of what they reported.